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Programs and Activities Making the Mission and Vision Happen


Young Christian Global Leaders

The Fellowship of Young Christian Global Leaders (YCGL) is aimed at young men and women, aged 20-35, whom we see as the future political and government leaders that our world is in great need of: deeply rooted in their Christian faith, with maturity of character, and growing to become principled and effective public servants. After having been selected for their first meeting, participants are then invited to enroll in the ICLN Fellow Program: a two-year formation and mentoring track. Our objective is to train 500 YCGL Fellows by 2033.

Annual Meetings

The International Catholic Legislators Network (ICLN) meets annually for a four-day exclusive event (by personal invitation only) in Rome. These meetings are the summit event of the year where 200+ political leaders from around meet for faith formation, continuing education and fellowship. These gatherings are then actively followed up through our Political Leadership Academy, Working Groups and monthly Global Video Conferences.


Political Leadership Academy

The Political Leadership Academy (PLA) offers specially designed courses throughout the year, allowing for flexible timing arrangements and manageable time investment required for preparation and participation, whether online or onsite. The Academy offers:

  1. Certificate Program: a core curriculum of 12 courses may be completed online and/or onsite over a period of two years in a career-accompanying setup, leading to an official ICLN Academy Certificate in Public Leadership Studies.
  2. Special Courses: focused or tailored online or onsite courses upon request or offered specifically related to current affairs. Certificate Program courses can also be attended individually.

Core curriculum courses are: Christian Leadership in Public Office (I+II); Principles of Law and Justice (I +II); Politics & Conscience, Christian Anthropology; Freedom of Conscience, Religion and Security of Person: How to Enforce Globally Embattled Fundamental Rights; Catholic Social Teaching for Political Leaders; History of the 20th Century; The Purpose of Education and the Role of the State; Catechism of the Catholic Church (I+II) and an Elective topic concluding paper.

Working Groups

We pro-actively inform, engage, and support legislators worldwide for the purpose of them taking coordinated action where they conclude whether this is appropriate. The ICLN merely facilitates this process through practical support and coordination of topical working groups. Regular Global Video Conferences discuss current affairs and proposed responses with expert speakers and legislators.